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6 weeks



In this training, we will create just one scene, but with a large variety of effects, including destruction, explosions, simulation of secondary elements and fluid.

The training is designed for people who have basic concepts of working in Houdini. For 6 weeks, we will analyze in detail all types of simulations – particles, volumes in Pyro, RBD, FLIP simulation (fluid dynamics). And, of course, visualization settings.

In this example, you will learn how to solve a number of problems, create assets for the fastest work, manipulate fields and create your own shaders.

All effects are created using the latest Houdini 18 tools, including sparse simulations in Pyro, as well as the use of new RBD tools.

In this training you will learn:

  • prepare geometry for destruction
  • fragment objects for different types of destruction
  • create constrains of different types
  • manage RBD simulation
  • work with deformation
  • save and customize assets
  • simulate explosions, sparks, fire, etc.
  • create custom shaders
  • work with water surface and FLIP simulation integration
  • customize the visualization of different elements, as well as create AOV`s

Where can I download Houdini?

For training, a non-commercial license is suitable for you, which you can download for free from SideFX site after registration:

When downloading, you will receive the current version.

Training format

The training is workshop format – once a week, students get access to a new series of lessons according to the training plan. All training participants are in the same skype group, where they can communicate with each other, and also have the opportunity to get teacher support to resolve issues during the training. Also, all students will have access to the material the need.

This method makes it possible to:

  • create groups up to 10 people, which will provide more individuality and attention to each student.
  • access to lessons can be obtained from anywhere in the world and take place at any convenient time.
  • throughout the courses and after their completion, you get feedback from the teacher – you ask specific questions and get answers.
  • your attention will be more focused on high-quality and quick achievement of the goal.

Full training program

Week 1. Preparation of the project

  • importing a model
  • creating groups
  • animation setting
  • explosion timings
  • preparing model for fragmentation
  • water surface geometry

Week 2. Creation of fragments.

  • groups distribution
  • clustering an object
  • fragmentation types
  • work with rbdmaterialfracture tool
  • adding details
  • secondary fragmentation
  • constrains setup

Week 3. Dynamics of destruction.

  • destruction object optimization
  • using guided objects
  • dynamic setup
  • metal deformation
  • cache optimization

Week 4. Create an explosion.

  • emitter tuning
  • working with Pyro sparse
  • field modification
  • work with cache
  • create Pyro shader

Week 5. Secondary items.

  • creating fire and smoke from debris
  • additional fragments
  • sparks
  • optimization

Week 6. FLIP (water surface) simulation.

  • setting geometry to interact with water
  • blast wave
  • splash and foam simulation
  • white water shader
  • final revisions


Full training cost is $399.

It is possible to pay in installments: 199$ + 199$ during training (discussed individually)

VIP package students participate free of charge (Price for VIP you can find in “Prices” page).


What is the starting level? – This training is designed for people with basic knowledge of working in Houdini.

What are the available payment options? – Visa / MasterCard, PayPal.

Is there post-training customer support? – Students with a VIP package receive 2 months support after completing the training. In practice, you can ask questions in the Skype groups of your training any time.

How long will I have access to course videos and assets? – Online learning gives you lifetime access to all the videos and material provided with the workshops.

What do I need to do after payment? – After receiving payment, we will contact you by email left in the form and add to the training group.

If you have any questions – write me at