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Hello. Glad to see you on my site. I hope that the lessons and trainings were/will be useful for you.

I live and work in Ukraine, city Kyiv. And as you probably know, we are currently at war with Russia. Long and exhausting. I am not a soldier, so all this time I am trying to help people who suffered from the war as much as I can. Last year, you and I collected funds for humanitarian aid for people in the capital. And you helped many people in a very difficult situation. For which they and I are infinitely grateful to you. We bought medicines and basic necessities.

This year we are helping out the guys from Air Intelligence. We cannot buy weapons, so we help them survive. The basis of survival is mobility and awareness. That is why cars and night vision devices are needed.

All this time our life is connected with only one word – “donate“. We make small donations almost every day, we do fairs, all cashback from all cards goes only to charity. This is the least we can do for people who give their lives and health for us.

During the year, we collected founds for 2 cars and 3 thermal imagers. Unfortunately, being constantly close to the front line means you will be under constant fire. The enemy fixes the location of the drones launch position, tracks the operators location and covers them with mines. As a result, one car was almost completely destroyed and cannot be restored, the other, after repair, went to the “front” again. Fortunately, everyone survived (and not least thanks to the car).

Timer expired

That’s why we’re collecting money for cars again. These are used pickups (ideally). The car must drive, we are not interested in other parameters of the car. That’s why we buy at auctions, sometimes after an accident and repair here. They do not cost much, but the financial possibilities for the second year of the war are not great either.

This time we need to collect at least 3 cars. This is the minimum that we needed. They often break down because they drive off-road, at maximum capacity, even under fire. We have already collected part of the money, and we hope to close the need by the end of the month, because cars are not always available in Ukraine, and then we will order abroad, and this is time, and time is someone’s life and health.

*Updates once a day

Top payments: Peter W. – 300$, Daniel S. – 150$, Maria Y. – 150$, Alan J. – 100$, Alex T. – 100$.

For those who make the largest donations (the first 5), I will provide access to any lesson or training I have done so far or in the future.

Maybe this is not the best super prize in your life))) But this is all I can offer for now.

For everyone who wants to join the fundraiser via Verifone, you can use the buttons below.

you can choose any amount

You can also transfer funds directly to my:

account (just personal transitions allowed)


EUR card. Details here (for direct transfer to the card from any country)

You can also buy any lessons or trainings on this site and write to me.

I will note the amount of funds collected on this page.

You can also buy your favorite lessons or trainings on this site and write to me.

Later, when we close the collection, I will report on the purchase on the same page. I am forbidden to post photos on the network while the war is going on 🙁 So more photos and information will be available after our victory, I hope as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, contact me by email:

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