In this lesson I will cover some methods creating large scale simulations in Pyro. Inspired by “Midway”, I decided to create a scene with a destroyed ship and with a lot of smoke around. The main problem was that large-scale simulation requires a large amount of resources. Therefore, I decided to use the TOP network and clusters, which allowed us to split the simulation into parts and simulate one after another. Also, the new sparse system made it possible to add additional elements very easy. Ship model not included, you can find it on sketchfab, it`s free.

Purchase Price: $60.00

Total Duration: 4h 54m 10s

Level: Everybody

Tools used: Houdini 18, NUKE

Lessons list:

  • 01. Start scene 4m 37s
  • 02. Creating source 19m 34s
  • 03. Simulation setup 22m 18s
  • 04. Top network for main sim 37m 49s
  • 05. Cache correction 8m 51s
  • 06. Main smoke render 20m 11s
  • 07. Create water surface 35m 49s
  • 08. Ship render 13m 7s
  • 09. Compositing elements 29m 53s
  • 10. Create additional smoke 31m 19s
  • 11. Ship parts 41m 53s
  • 12. Upper smoke 11m 33s
  • 13. Final comp 17m 16s


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