Tutorial description

In these lessons, we will create several different types of tornadoes. From small dust to huge deadly ones. And at the and, play with the fire. We will learn how to use manually created forces.  For simulating particles and in the Pyro system. Using cache, applying materials, and compositing examples. All this and much more, you will learn by watching these videos.

Purchase Price: $75.00

Total Duration: 8h 5m 54s

Level: Everybody

Tools used: Houdini 18, NUKE

Lessons list:

Dust tornado 4h 38m 21s

  1. creating curve 13m 16s
  2. pop network 21m 37s
  3. add forces 16m 46s
  4. adjust forces 21m 33s
  5. save particles 17m 23s
  6. pyro source 8m 6s
  7. pyro simulation 23m 18s
  8. render 17m 43s
  9. adding noise 33m 9s
  10. extra layers 27m 12s
  11. bottom vortex 43m 16s
  12. create debris 27m 16s
  13. compositing 7m 46s

Wide tornado 1h 17m 37s

  1. wide tornado 31m 32s
  2. shape improvement 12m 31s
  3. wide render 11m 14s
  4. wide bottom vortex 14m 22s
  5. render 7m 58s

Fire tornado 2h 9m 56s

  1. fire vortex source 10m 18s
  2. fire vortex forces 19m 16s
  3. flame simulation 21m 44s
  4. add smoke 7m 51s
  5. render setup 13m 56s
  6. bottom fire vortex 24m 12s
  7. sparks 20m 35s
  8. fire compositing 12m 4s


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