Course Description

A series of lessons, showing destruction of the building, as a result of an explosion. They show the whole process from scratch. Starting with the geometry preparation, ending with the render settings. The fragmentation techniques, creation of forces, constraints setup, activation and dynamics are studied also. Work with windows destruction. In addition to the main simulation, we will learn how to create secondary elements such as debris, dust trails and explosion simulation.

Purchase Price: $99.00

Total Duration: 11h 47m 47s

Tools used: Houdini 17.5, NUKE

Lessons list:

  1. import 14m 50s
  2. geometry optimization 23m 28s
  3. fragmentation 57m 56s
  4. dynamic 16m 28s
  5. constraints 14m 45s
  6. deactivating fragments 7m 59s
  7. explosion force 33m 52s
  8. clusters 21m 52s
  9. adding groups 27m 19s
  10. add controls 12m 48s
  11. tweaking explosion 17m 1s
  12. add second constraints 15m 42s
  13. add details 1h 2m 18s
  14. merging cache 10m 48s
  15. glass 2h 15m 17s
  16. debris 26m 2s
  17. dust trails 29m 56s
  18. explosion 55m 37s
  19. render setup 1h 9m 4s
  20. compositing 54m 45s


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