Course Description

In this lesson we will learn the fluid simulation in Houdini, using, as 
an example, the city flooding scene. Go throw the all stages of creating a
simulation, starting with the source, ending with rendering and compositing. Make
a FLIP simulation, white water tool for splashes and mantra as render engine. As
an example, used export to 3Ds max for rendering in V-Ray and Krakatoa.

Purchase Price: $75.00

Total Duration: 4h 7m 54s

Tools used: Houdini, NUKE

Lessons list:

  1. flip source 12m 25s
  2. water simulation 57m 9s
  3. whitewater 53m 26s
  4. render 42m 4s
  5. additional splashes 25m 28s
  6. export to 3ds max 26m 7s
  7. compositing 31m 15s


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